Japanese Mad Scientist Creates Neon Noodles

Neon udon noodles are the latest addition to Japan’s ever expanding list of bizarre foods. Taking their place among winners like poop-flavored curry, deep-fried maple leaves  and citrus-scented eggs, these psychedelic noodles hardly look appetizing.

Food writer and mad scientist Kurare Raku, who invented the glow-in-the-dark noodles, posted a couple of photographs on Twitter last week. One displayed neon pink noodles swimming in a neon green broth, topped with slabs of blue tofu. The other bowl had dark pink noodles topped with tofu that suspiciously resembled strips of Scotch Brite scrub pads.


Raku prepared the dish to display at the Unbelievable Science Festival that took place in Osaka last month. He didn’t reveal the secret behind the neon coloring, but some speculate that he dyed the noodles and exposed them to ultraviolet light for the glowing effect. However, Raku did say that they taste pretty much like regular, plain udon noodles. 


Raku’s glowing creation are not yet commercially available, but knowing Japan’s interest in bizarre things -especially food – I’d be willing to bet his idea will be picked up by a restaurant chain very soon.


They look way too radioactive for my taste, though.

via Metro.co.uk

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