Blo-Ball – Air Hockey Played with Your Mouth

What could make a game like ping pong more interesting? Abandon the paddles and blow the ball across, of course! And that’s exactly what Blo-Ball is all about. The game is a mix of air hockey and ping pong, with players crouching on either side of a six-foot long table. In a bizarre display of lung-power, they take turns in blowing the ball across to their opponents. Rails on either side of the table keep the ball from falling off ever-so-often, and the height is adjustable to accommodate player heights. It can be played singles or doubles, and the first sider to blow 11 points, is the winner. As fun as the game sounds, it does seem incredibly tiring.


Invented by Kenny Weiland in 1995, Blo-ball gained came to be known when it was aired on the TV show ‘Why Didn’t I Think of That’, in 1996. As cool as it looks, it still isn’t hugely popular or played as a competitive sport. Reports suggest that the game is played mostly in several middle and high schools in the US, and also a few bars and colleges northeast. That’s really disappointing, because Blo-Ball really seems like a fun sport to me, although not recommended for smokers with weak lung power.


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