Brazilian City Hires Real-Life Batman to Help Fight Crime

Batman fans in Brazil now have a reason to rejoice,  as this is probably the closest they will ever get to their favorite super hero. Inspired by the role played by Batman in the protection of Gotham city, officials of Taubate, Brazil have gotten a real-life Batman for their protection too. Except, this one has no batmobile.

The Brazilian superhero is actually a  former soldier, Andre Luiz Pinheiro, who has been hired to patrol the streets of Taubate. Oh, and he sports a Batman costume while he’s at it, just for kicks I suppose. The details are still being worked out, so it’s not exactly clear yet if there will be other things from the comic-strip like a bat-signal for when he’s needed on duty. Thankfully, cops don’t really expect the faux-Batman to seriously combat crimes such as drug trafficking and murder. Instead, he will play a more indirect role in the fight between good and evil. A social and educational crime prevention project is being planned, which targets children from the city.

It’s a good thing he’s not really up against the bad guys. I mean, does one guy dressed in a costume with no super-powers really stand a chance against, say, a gang of criminals? It’s actually kind of comical when you think about it. What if his cape gets the way when he’s fighting? Thank goodness he’s only bringing the story of Batman to children. “I am eager to know how we can work together. If I can help bring the story to even one child, that would be very nice”, Pinheiro told Brazilian newspaper, O Vale.

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