Chinese Woman Does Pedicure of Her Pet Rooster, Goes Viral

A woman in Shanghai, China, made her pet rooster somewhat of an overnight internet sensation after doing its manicure and posting photos of it online.

Yi Yi, a chicken owner from Shanghai recently decided that her beloved pet’s nails needed some attention, so she took ithe bird to a nail salon.  However, the staff there refused to do its nails for fear that it would affect the image of the salon among human clients, so the woman ended up doing the chicken’s nails herself. It took more than an hour, but at least the bird’s feet ended up looking fabulous.

Apart from the multicolored nail polish, Yi Yi also added some eye-ctching decorations, like sequins and beads, for added effect.

Apparently, the beauty salon session was a gift for the feathered pet, as the bird stayed by Yi Yi’s side throughout the last two difficult years of her life, and she wanted to show how grateful she was.

After photos and videos of the posh-looking checked made their way on Chinese social media and went viral, a heated debate about the bird’s wellbeing ensued, and Yi Yi had to step in an assure everyone that the pedicure did not affect the bird’s walking in any way and that it didn’t seem bothered by it in any way.

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