Cyber Granny – World’s Oldest Facebooker

She’s two months away from her 104th birthday but age isn’t an impediment for Lillian Lowe, the world’s oldest Facebook user.

Lillian Lowe, from Tenby, Pembrokeshire, south Wales, may be a grandmother and great-grandmother at 103, but she is still young-at-heart and her online adventure on Facebook is proof of that. After 104-year-old Ivy Bean died in June, Lillian has become the oldest of over 500 million users of the popular social network.

Her grandson Steve is the one responsible with wetting her up with a Facebook account and he’s also the one who lent her his iPad, but she is planning to replace it with a newer version, seeing that she’s also up to date in terms of  gadgets, as she admits herself “At the moment I use my grandson’s iPad but I am very hopeful to get one of my own, there are some great new models out at the moment.”

The reason that got her whole cyber adventure started was her wish to keep in touch with her seven grandchildren and thirteen great-grandchildren. Lillian thinks Facebook can be useful for other grandparents as well “I can recommend it for any grandparents to keep in touch with their family with ringing all the time.”But although she is very impressed with all the different things one can find on-line, she still considers it a terrible waste of time.

She now has 34 “friends” on her Facebook account but the most active one, by far, is her 10-year-old great grand-daughter.

One can say the young-at-heart grandmother,whom her family call “Supergran”:, has seen pretty much seen it and done it all: She was born in 1907 and can still remember the news about the sinking of the Titanic, by the time the First World War started, she was already in school and she most certainly “was there” when computer industry made its first steps – “Apple 1” computer was launched in 1976,  followed by the “Osborne 1” in 1981, first version of Windows in 1985 and she’s now not just witnessing but also using the IPad. As she says  “I think virtually everything has been invented during my time. What I particularly like now is this Google Earth.”

Her experience may be the reason she finds herself  unimpressed with things happening nowadays, “I have seen a few things over the years, so nothing really shocks me these days anyway.”


Ivy Bean


Former oldest user Ivy Brown had accounts on both Facebook and Twitter summing up to 5,000 “friends” on Facebook and another 56,300 on Twitter, but judging by her lively attitude, Lillian Lowe has all the time in the world to reach those numbers.

via Daily Mail