Eco-Otome – Japan’s Solution to Embarrassing Toilet Noise

The Eco-Otome is a Japanese gizmo that’s intended to make using restrooms other than your own less awkward. Basically it emits a soothing sound meant to cover any embarrassing toilet noises you might be making.

Ok, so this isn’t a very new invention, in fact it’s been around for around three years, but I thought it was worth a mention for its unique purpose. I mean leave it to the Japanese to come up with a technological solution to the problem of bathroom noises. Anyway, whether they’re sharing a bathroom with a roommate, or need to use the restroom at a party or at work, some people are always worried about a variety of bathroom noises that could put them in an embarrassing position if they’re heard by others. Sure, flushing helps, but you need to wait until the  water bowl is full until using it again, so it’s not full-proof. Luckily, the resourceful Japanese have come up with the perfect solution – introducing the Eco-Otome.

The Eco-Otome Toiket Sound Blocker is a tiny little device that can be worn on a keychain or as a cellphone accessory, and that can solve your bathroom noise problems at the push of a button. Well, technically you need t push its button twice to activate flushing sounds that last for 25 seconds. If that’s not enough, you can just repeat the simple operation after the 25 seconds are up. Or, if you take care of business quickly, you can just push the button again twice, to make it stop.

Judging by one specific design of the Eco-Otome, it’s always designed as a clever way to save water by reducing the number of flushes. Apart from the “Save the Earth” model, the little gadget also comes in pink and light blue, which suggests it was designed with women in mind, although I bet there are quite a few shy guys out there who would love one of these things. Well, you can get them at the Japan Trend Shop, for $31.