Harmonica Vacuum – The Musical House-Cleaning Trend Taking the Internet by Storm

If you’re looking of ways to make vacuuming the house less of a chore, this ingenious combination between a harmonica and a vacuum cleaner may be the coolest thing you’ll see today.

Vacuuming a harmonica may just become the house-cleaning trend of 2016, but it all started just a few days ago, completely by accident. Japanese Twitter user @CelloMetalGirl was the first to upload one a video of the unusual activity, with the caption “I laughed to death”. As it urns out, the girl’s father was vacuuming the house when he accidentally hit an old run-of-the-mill harmonica with the vacuum brush and… Magic happened.


The unusual noise that sounded like a bird took their whole house by surprise, but once they realized what had happened, @CelloMetalGirl and her family couldn’t stop laughing. They thought it was so cool that they re-enacted the incident and made a video to share with the world via Twitter. It spread like wild fire, and there are now dozens, if not hundreds of harmonica videos posted on social media sites. The original video was retweeted over 230,000 times and people still can’t seem to get enough of it. “This is so addictive – I’ve watched it on repeat about 20 times!” one user wrote. “I thought it would make a horrible sound but I can’t stop smiling because it’s such a pretty chord,” another added.


After hearing the unique noise of harmonica vacuuming, some people have commented on its similarity to the sound made by Microsoft Windows 95 on closing. What do you think?


via RocketNews24

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