Inventors Create Spray That Gets You Drunk Instantly without the Nasty Side-Effects

Scientist David Edwards teamed up with French Designer Philippe Starck to create the WA|HH mouth spray that gets you drunk instantly, but only for a few seconds. And the best part is you won’t have to deal with and splitting headaches when you wake up the following day.

Ever wish you could feel what it’s like to be drunk without actually drinking anything? I have a few girl friends who have never drunk more than a few sips of beer, but have always been curious to know what it’s like to feel intoxicated. Thanks to the innovative WA|HH Quantum Sensations spray presented during a Paris exhibition, now everyone can experience being drunk for just a few seconds, and without any of the nasty side-effects. According to its creators, the spray produces an immediate shock, like a sensorial alarm, but only lasts a few seconds. Each puff equals 0.075 milliliters of alcohol, so it would take about 1,000 to equal a real drink. ‘We asked ourselves whether we might provide the same agreeable sensation as comes with a sip of alcohol without running the risk of drunkenness,’ Starck said about the spray.

Photo: AFP

A canister of WA|HH Quantum Sensation contains a total of 2 milligrams of alcohol, yet that is enough to make you feel tipsy a bunch of times without worrying about the consequences. This thing is apparently so harmless you could actually pass a breathalyzer test as soon as the alcohol in your mouth wears off. WA|HH might sound like a pretty silly, useless invention, but it might help alcoholics get their fix without actually pouring gallons of alcohol down their throats. the only drawback to this Quantum Sensation is its price. At $26 for a small spray, I’m pretty sure most people would just opt to get wasted the old fashioned way.

Just in case the name David Edwards sounds familiar, he’s the brilliant mind behind another popular spray called Le Whif. It’s an inhaler allows people to taste delicious chocolate without putting on any weight.

via CBS Detroit

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