Japanese Dude Needs Your Help to Travel the World and Take Photos of Beautiful Women

Kei Akatsu is a Japanese student who wants to travel the world and take photos of beautiful women for his Beauties World Map project. But he needs your help to do it. Traveling isn’t cheap, so he’s turned to an online crowd funding service to fulfill his dream.

The Tokyo University of Science student spent half a year in Vancouver taking photos of cute girls from all over the world and putting together a collection for his Beauties World Map website. He actually managed to meet an impressive number of women, and organized their photos on his site according to their places of origin, age and height. But it was only the beginning of his great photographic experience. Kei Akatsu now wants to travel the world and capture feminine beauty on camera for everyone see. Sadly, he lacks the funds to journey across North and South America, so he turned to Crowdfire, a Japanese online crowd funding service similar to Kickstarter, for help. To attract sponsors, Kei mapped out the entire project and even posted a promotional video and sample photos.


According to RocketNews24, the young photographer estimated he would need a little over $11,000 to fulfill his dream and create his Beauties World map, so it must have been pretty disappointing to raise a measly $793. And to think he even offered special bonuses like:

   We will send you a produced ebook photo album.
    We will post your name and/or URL on our website as an official sponsor.
    We will also post a banner of your choice under “official sponsors.”
    Your name and URL will also be place in our ebook as an official sponsor.
    We will send you a postcard with a picture of a beauty.
    We will create a composite image of you with one of the beauties to use as a standby image.


But it just wasn’t enough. He did however manage to get an impressive 300,000 views on YouTube, so that’s got to be of some consolation. And even if he hasn’t yet realized his dream, it seems Kei is still shooting pretty girls in his native country and posting photos on his site. But, if you want to help some guy see the world and meet beautiful women, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a small donation.





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