Japanese Photographer Teaches Lonely Guys How to Use Their Right Hand as a Girlfriend. It’s Not What You Think!

There’s no shame in being single, but if you’d like your friends and acquaintances to think you’re in a loving relationship, you can follow the example of Keisuke Jinushi, a young Japanese photographer who has mastered the art of making his right hand the perfect photo girlfriend.

Being single can be pretty uncomfortable, especially when all your friends are in relationships and can’t seem to shut up about their perfect girlfriends and the good times they have together. Of course, that’s not the case of Keisuke Jinushi, the guy in the photos below. He obviously has a very caring girlfriend who loves to feed him delicious treats, wipe the corners of his mouth of ketchup or grab his mouth in a very affectionate manner. She’s the one who took the photos, so she must be real, right?  No, not really. It was Keisuke himself who took the photos, and that’s actually his own right hand feeding his mouth. But why would anyone do something like that? Apparently, the talented photographer just wanted to share his “selfie” tricks to show everyone just how easy it is to share a romantic moment even if they’re sharing it with themselves.


To get the desired effect for his romantic selfies, Keisuke, who studied at the Musashino Art University in Tokyo, first applied a lot of light makeup foundation to his right hand, as well as bright red nail polish to give it a girlish look. He also put on a scrunchie to avoid any kind of confusion. Jinushi advises those who want to follow his example to use a retro or Instagram-style camera filter for that genuine “girlfriend photo” effect. A slightly embarrassed grin is also recommended to make the picture more believable.





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Source: Daily Portal Z

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