Meet Shasheile, South Korea’s Impossible-Looking Influencer

A South Korean social media influencer has been conquering the internet with photos so heavily edited that people can’t help but like them.

Female influencers flaunting their God-given or surgically-enhanced physical attributes on social media have been dominating social media for quite a few years now, and while many of them rely on filters and Photoshop skills to digitally alter their appearance, they go out of their way to be as inconspicuous about it as possible. So when one influencer comes along and is not only up-front about digitally manipulating her social media pictures, but actually goes over the top with the editing, people apparently find it surprisingly refreshing. At least that’s one way to explain the rising popularity of Shasheile, a South Korean girl whose ridiculous-looking physique is obviously the result of digital editing.

Photo: @shasha_soosoo_/instagram

Shasheile looks unreal in every photo posted on her Instagram. She has an impossibly small waist, huge breasts, freakishly long limbs and neck, and a very small head. Her eyes are so heavily edited in every picture that they hardly ever look the same, and so is her V-shaped chin. But the fact that it’s so ‘in your face’ makes it all ok in the eyes of her growing audience.

Shasheile currently sports just shy of 300,000 followers on Instagram, but her fan base is growing at a rapid pace, especially after the exposure she’s been getting in mainstream publications in her home country. While some of the people commenting on her photos still bother pointing out the obvious digital manipulation, but most see the social media influencer as a breath of fresh air.

“She’s def. winning the IDGAF wars,” one person wrote on Shasheile’s profile.

“Natural beauty,” someone else commented sarcastically.

“U need to have a whole different level of confidence to edit your photos to an extent where the floor and all get wobbly but still post it on the internet and not GAF,” one of her followers pointed out.

But my personal favorite comment was this one: “How do you make everything around you bend??? My magician queen, pls share some tips!!

Love her or hate her, Shasheile is doing her thing online and she certainly doesn’t seem to GAF.

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