New Zealand Woman Wants Your Tattoo on Her Backside

The things people would do for money. Would you believe it if I told you a woman is willing to have anything you like tattooed on her bottom? Unlikely story, but it’s true.

Through her profile on, Tina Beznec is auctioning off a 9×9 cm space on her buttock to be tattooed according to the winner’s choice. In her own precise words, “You might think I am crazy for doing this! But yes, the winner of the auction gets ANYTHING they like tattooed on my bum!” Tina’s innovative plan to raise money has garnered quite a bit of attention in Lower Hutt, New Zealand, where she lives. If you’re still finding it hard to believe that a person would do something like this, let me tell you that she’s pretty hard pressed for cash right now. She has been made redundant twice in the past one year and has been unemployed for four months. Tina promises to donate 20% of the highest bid to a charity of the winner’s choice, but she would be keeping the rest because she ‘deserves it’. She plans to use the money to pay all her bills and visit her mother in Australia.

Thinking ahead, Tina has listed a set of reasons why anyone would care to purchase a bit of tattoo space on her behind. She cites reasons ranging from business promotions to marriage proposals, not to mention plain old boredom. And she hasn’t been too far off the mark. So far most of the bids she’s received are from businesses and advertising agencies. It isn’t surprising at all to learn that her ‘initiative’ has met with a lot of criticism. But she has people encouraging her as well.


Some of the conditions put up by Tina are that the tattoo will go on only one butt cheek, and that she will get it done at a place of her choice. Of course, if the winner happens to be in the same area, they are welcome to come by and watch her get it done! The highest bid so far is at $12,200. Any other takers?


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