Nudie Bar Perfume Gives Cheating Husbands an Excuse

Mavericks, a popular strip club in Cape Town, South Africa, has recently launched a series of men’s fragrances called “Alibis“. As the name suggests, they provide husbands with an excuse for when they get home late.

Because most clients get a bit carried away when visiting Mavericks, and choose to have one more dance “to see what happens”, the joint’s owners were inspired to create a series of perfumes that could give married men an alibi for when they arrive home late.  ‘The fragrance market is a natural extension for the sexy, sophisticated and upmarket Mavericks brand, and the idea of a range of ‘Alibis’ is one that will appeal to many of our customers”, said Mavericks owner Shane Harrison. He expects buyers will find uses for the Alibis fragrances in a variety of day-to-day situations, and thinks the products will prove a hit during the upcoming Christmas season.

The sprayable Alibis conceptualized and developed by South African creative guru Porky Hefer will be available in three different fragrances: My Car Broke Down, which smells of fuel, burnt rubber, grease and steel, I Was Working Late, with scents of coffee, ink, cigarettes and wool suits, and We Were Out Sailing, which has the smell of fresh ocean spray, sea salt, cotton rope and aqua. It’s safe to safe they don’t smell nice, but they get the job done. All three are available for purchase exclusively at the Mavericks Revue Bar in Cape Town, at a retail price of 295 ZAR ($37).

Now I know it sounds immoral, but you have to agree it’s one brilliant marketing move. And who knows, maybe these wacky perfumes will actually save a few marriages.

via Moe Jackson, Cherry Flava


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