Peruvian Mayor Says Tap Water Makes Men Gay

Be careful before taking that sip! It might just make you gay. Or so believes a Peruvian Mayor, Jose Benitez. This by far sounds like one of the most unusual and irrational beliefs associated with homosexuality. Does Mr. Mayor actually have something to back his claims? Let’s find out.

It is definitely an established fact that the drinking water in the area consists of several minerals. It is the very presence of these minerals that is causing the Mayor of Humarey to make such claims. In fact, the supply of potable water to Humarey comes from the neighboring town of Tabalosos, and this water is known to have high levels of the mineral strontium. It is interesting to note that Tabalosos has been in the news before. For none other than its high population of homosexuals. It was reported that around 14,000 gay men inhabited the town at one point of time. A correlation has been drawn between strontium and the gay population.

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According to Benitez, strontium is responsible for the reduction of male hormones in humans and he fears that the case of Tabalosos will be repeated in all other towns and cities receiving the water. The Mayor made his observations at the launch ceremony of a local water access project. Experts are however, dismissing his claims as un-scientific. The dean of the College of Pharmaceutical Chemistry of Lima, Dr. Robert Castro Rodriguez, informed the public over the radio that homosexuality is not a consequence of consuming large amounts of strontium. Cancer, maybe, but certainly not homosexuality.

Seems like the misguided mayor definitely had some fears over the matter and did not hesitate to voice them publicly.

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