Russian Coupon Site Is Offering a 50% Discount on Redemption Just in Time for the Mayan Apocalypse

Believe it or not there are people out there who actually believe they can buy their way into Heaven. A Russian coupon site is offering a 50% discount on indulgences offered by the Catholic Church, and so far over 100 people bought the coupon. The funny thing is Russia is an Orthodox country…

What’s the price of redemption, fellow sinners? Well, according to this offer posted on Russian site Kupon Klub, it’s just 500 rubles ($16). Come on, you have to admit that’s a bargain! But, truth be told, it’s 50% off thanks to the kindness of an Italian Catholic church that has offered to pray for the forgiveness of your sins at half price. All someone has to do is buy this holy coupon and send its unique number to an email address mentioned on site. No matter how much you’ve sinned over the years, you can buy just one coupon for yourself, but you can get as many as you want to have your loved-ones’ sins forgiven as well. According to, the organizers of this bizarre campaign believe the number of sold coupons will be in the millions, but with 37 days to go to expiry, only 110 people have bough the discounted indulgence vouchers. That’s right, 110 people believe paying $15 for a coupon will open their way into Heaven.

Here’s how the description of the offer sounds: According to predictions, our world is coming at an end. But we should not be sad. The Catholic Church of Assisi, in the Italian region of Umbria, in the province of Perugia, on the southern slope of Mount Subasio, high above the picturesque confluence or the rivers Tiber and Chiascio, is organizing the forgiveness of your sins. In this grey, depressing time it gives us all a wonderful gift – an astounding 50% discount on personal indulgence. What is indulgence? It’s the first step on the path to God. (I’m not a Russian speaker, but this what I could make out using Google Translate).

Apparently the first step to having your sins forgiven through indulgences is doing good, so all the proceeds from buying these coupons will go to charity. The number of personal indulgences is limited, so go on “Take care of your soul!”


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