Russian Man Fills Wife’s Car with Concrete, Films the Whole Thing

A resident of St. Petersburg, Russia, decided to teach his wife a lesson for legally changing her name without his permission, by having her precious car filled with concrete.

In a bizarre video filmed with a mobile phone, the man, whose name has not yet been revealed, can be seen directing a cement truck as it backs up towards his wife’s car and positioning the chute through the window, before ordering the driver to fill it up with concrete. The video quickly went viral online, transcending Russian borders and leaving viewers wondering what on Earth made this guy do a thing like that.

It turns out that he and his wife had been going through a rough patch lately, but the final straw was when she legally changed her surname to that of a local supermarket, as part of a promotion, without asking his permission. The Veniy (Loyal) supermarket chain was offering to pay 50,000 rubles ($880) a month to loyal customers willing to officially change their name to that of their brand, and the man’s wife decided to take advantage of the offer without consulting with him first.

That obviously didn’t sit too well with our Russian friend, and to let her know exactly how he felt about her decision, he got into her car, drove it to a nearby Veniy supermarket and had it filled with concrete up to the level of the windows.

But why take out your anger on the car right? Well, apparently the man knew how much his wife loved her car, always keeping it spotless, both inside and out, so it was the perfect way to get back at her.

As you can imagine, the viral video prompted all kinds of reactions from the public, with some actually commending the man and saying that her wife had it coming, as money isn’t everything in life, and others saying that both he and the cement truck driver could be charged for destruction of property.

A number of people believe that the whole thing is just a prank thought up by the supermarket for marketing purposes, and that may very well be true. The World Wrestling Federation did the exact same thing back in the day, when Cold Steve Austin filled Steve McMahon prized convertible with cement on live television.


On the other hand, filling people’s cars with concrete out of revenge is not exactly unheard of in Russia. Just check out this video of a guy smashing someone’s car window with a baseball bat and calling a cement truck to come fill it up. Just like the one in the viral video, the driver of the truck doesn’t seem too concerned about the consequences either.


Interestingly, the concrete-filled car is reportedly still in front of the supermarket where it was “bricked”. No word on the wife’s reaction yet.


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