Taiwan Trades Lottery Tickets for Dog Poop

This is perhaps one of the most innovative methods ever employed to keep a city clean. The authorities in New Taipei City, northern Taiwan, promised the citizens a  free lottery ticket, in exchange for each bag of dog poop they collect from the street and hand over.

It has become a common sight in the city now, several citizens cleaning up the streets. The competition was started in early August, and so far 14,000 bags of dog waste have been handed in. In fact, the response to the campaign has been beyond the expectations of the city’s environment protection bureau, according to one official. The top prize of the lottery draw was gold worth T$ 60,000 (US $2000). The second and third prize were T$18,000 and T$12,000 respectively.

Apart from the lottery tickets, cash prizes are also being awarded to citizens who set up ‘poop patrols’. This is in an effort to nip the problem in the bud. The patrols are responsible for tracking and photographing dog owners who allow their pets to defecate on the streets. Free garbage bags were also given out as a part of the campaign.


via CBS

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