Thai Tea Stall Goes Viral for Questionable Packaging Choice

Cha Deen, a small tea stall in Lam Phlai, Thailand’s Songkhla Province, recently made national news for its unconventional choice of tea packaging.

In Thailand and other Asian countries, chai is usually sold in clear plastic bags. It looks a bit weird to most of us foreigners, but it’s apparently pretty standard there. Be that as it may, even most Thais raised an eyebrow (or both) when they saw the unconventional shape of the bags used by a chai stall in Lam Phlai. Instead of standard plastic bags and straws, Cha Deen uses a custom bag design featuring an appendage that kind of looks like a, well, see for yourself…

Photos of Cha Deen’s new tea bags recently hit Thai social media, and they almost instantly went viral, spurring a variety of reactions from users. Some find the bags offensive, others think they are hilarious, and most agree that it’s a great marketing strategy.

Although photos of the bags only just hit social media a couple of days ago, Thai news sources report that Cha Deen has already seen a serious uptick in customers.

Cha Deen offers a variety of ice tea flavors, like Thai tea, green tea, cocoa, Ovaltine, but even if they were the most delicious teas in the world, would you ever drink them from THAT?


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