The Final Countdown – Creepy Death Watch Counts Down to Your Death

If you’re 30 and still living with your mom, unmotivated to go out and get a job or a girlfriend, here’s a quirky but effective way to encourage you to go out and live your life while you still can – The Tikker, or “death watch” counts down how much time you have left until you kick the bucket. Remember the website that did the exact same thing? Well, this is the 2.0 portable version.

Calling it “The Happiness Watch”, its inventor Fredrik Colting explains that he wanted to find a way to determine people “to cherish the time and the life that we have been given, to honor it, suck the marrow from it, seize the day and follow our hearts. And the best way to do this is to realize that seconds, days and years are passing never to come again.” Here’s how the watch works. To set up the Tikker, you first need to fill out a questionnaire with information about your medical history, weight, lifestyle details such as if you drink or smoke and how often you exercise. You are also asked to give information about any diseases that may run in your family. All these are factored in and you are given a score representing your entire lifespan including the years you have already lived. After your current age is deducted from this score, the countdown begins.


You might think you’ll get an estimation of your time of death, such as “mid-80s”, but that’s not the case – the Tikker counts down from years to seconds so that you can get a true feeling that with each passing second, you are getting closer and closer to death. Too depressing for you? The creators – “a group of designers, free-thinkers, lovers and life-aficionados” say “it’s not about how much time you HAVE, it’s what you DO with it. A week spent in love and happiness can be worth more than a year spent in agony. If you knew how much time you had left, wouldn’t you use that time wisely?” adding that “While death is nonnegotiable, life isn’t. The good news is that life is what you make of it – and oh boy can it be beautiful!”


Are you sold on the concept yet? If you are and want have a Tikker of your own, you can preorder one by paying $39 for the simple black design or $1,000 for a custom one in pantone color – limited offer only. So hurry up, happiness guaranteed!

Source: Kickstarter

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