Woman Allegedly Uses Poorly Photoshopped Picture of Flat Tire as Excuse for Being Late for Work

An unnamed woman was recently mocked on social media after one of her co-workers shared a poorly edited photo of a flat tire that she had allegedly used to justify being late for work to her boss.

Twitter user Sydney Whitson, from Oklahoma posted the hilarious photo that her colleague allegedly sent her boss last week, and it quickly went viral, getting almost 250,000 likes and 46,000 retweets. That’s fairly unusual for a picture of what appears to be a car tire with a nail sticking out of it. But if you take Sydney’s advice and take a closer look, you’ll realize that there’s something not quite right about the nail. It looks very cartoonish, and the tire it seems to be stuck into appears heavily edited as well. Unfortunately for the anonymous woman, her boss was quick to notice too, and apparently shared the photo with the rest of the workplace.

Photo: GetJerry.com

“My co-worker called in (yet again) and said she had a nail on her tire that caused her to have a flat. I need everyone to stop what they’re doing and zoom into the nail in the picture she sent to my boss,” Sydney Whitson wrote on Twitter.

People were quick to reply with all sorts of funny remarks, like “I hope she isn’t part of your graphics or marketing team”, 0r “yep, that’s what happens when you drive through construction zones in Toon Town”. Then someone asked why she didn’t just use one of the many pictures of nails in car tires found online, which triggered an avalanche of tweets featuring more believable alternatives to the poorly edited version she chose to use, ranging from real nails in tires, to serious car accidents.

Funnily enough, someone posted that the woman simply took one of the first images that shows up on Google Images when you search for “how to fix a tire with a nail”. I just checked, and it’s literally the second image that shows up. The original source seems to be an article on GetJerry.com titled “nail in Tire? How to Remove and Repair a Puncture”. It features the cartoonish nail, but obviously the woman thought it was enough to fool her boss. She was wrong…

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