16-Year-Old Russian Gamer Wins a Month Living with an Adult Film Star in a Hotel

Ruslan Shchedrin, a teenage gamer from Russia, has won a bizarre prize for being the 100,000th visitor to a website that sells in-game weapons and gear. He is being rewarded with a month-long stay at a Moscow hotel in the company of an X-rated film star!

The unusual contest was held in celebration of Defender of the Fatherland Day, a Russian holiday held every year, on February 23rd. Young Ruslan turned out to be the 100,000th person to visit the website that day, hitting the jackpot. “At first I did not believe it, but when I realized that this is true, I thanked the site,” he said. “I am overjoyed and my friends are also happy for me, although there is some envy.”

His family, however, is furious. They believe he’s already wasted too much time on the video games and this prize will now be another colossal waste of his time. “I am totally against it,” said his mother, Vera Shchedrin. “He has exams, what do you mean a month with a porn star? Even a week is too much! They should just give him 100,000 rubles instead, we would be happy with that.”


The boy’s sister, 17-year-old Diana Schedrina agrees that the prize is inappropriate. “I’m against it too. I don’t think it is any kind of chance for him. He can find a girlfriend if he likes,” she said. “I wonder what would have happened if a married man had won? Or even a young girl, I know some of them enjoy playing these games too. It is totally the wrong idea for a prize.”

Organizers took that into consideration when they came up with the idea, though, and the rules clearly state that the winner can pass on their prize to an ‘official representatives’. In Ruslan’s case that could be his father, although his mother won’t hear of it. “No, absolutely not,” Vera said, adding that the controversial prize has already led to family quarrels and made her son mad.


But Ruslan seems unaffected by his family’s concerns. He isn’t even considering passing up the chance to spend an entire month with the beautiful Ekaterina Makarova. “I saw her and I liked everything, she has got good sizes…. and so on. I am looking forward to our meeting so much, I am very happy,” the 16-year-old told Life News.

For her part, the adult film actress wants to keep her end of the deal, and though she has yet to meet Ruslan, she said he is at ‘a good age to be independent’. But she doesn’t want to anger Ruslan’s parents. If they won’t allow the boy to live with her at a hotel for a month, Ekaterina has offered to meet him every day after school.


“I imagine that we’ll go to the movies and travel,” she said. “First we will meet, and then we will decide what will be interesting for both of us.”  


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