19-Year-Old Pregnant ‘Virgin’ Claims She Was Impregnated by ‘Evil Spirit’

A 19-year-old Colombian pregnant woman who claims to have never been intimate with a man insists that she was impregnated by an ‘evil spirit’.

The young woman recently sparked controversy on Latino social media after telling TV Malambo, a local media outlet in Colombia, that she believes she was impregnated by a supernatural force. The unnamed woman said that after experiencing strange dreams and feeling supernatural presences in her room, she started missing her period and her mother took her to a gynecologist for a checkup. That’s when the 19-year-old ‘virgin’, who claims to have never slept with a man, found out that she was pregnant.

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“I have not been with any man, suddenly I stopped menstruating and my mother took me to the health center for a check-up and there I found out that I got pregnant,” the woman declared.

The 19-year-old acknowledged that her version of events is hard to believe, and she admits that she doesn’t fully understand how she got pregnant either.

Interestingly, the young woman’s story sparked a heated online debate, with some people claiming that the girl just made up the story because she doesn’t want her parents to know that she was intimate with a man, and others taking her side and saying that they have heard similar stories.

“She is telling the truth, I have heard of other cases like this,” one person commented. “The last thing her father or mother should do is kick her out of the family home.”

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In Colombia, girls between the ages of 14 and 19 become pregnant more often than in most other countries around the world.

This 19-year-old girl is not the first to claim to have been impregnated by a supernatural force. Back in 2021, we wrote about an Indonesian woman who claimed a gust of wind made her pregnant.

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