Airline Offers Wealthy Passengers Luxury Suites Complete with Double Beds and Armchairs

Even when you’re in business class, long flights can get pretty uncomfortable. For some it’s the leg space, others are annoyed by noisy passengers, but now Singapore Airways offers a very simple-yet-expensive solution to any problem – luxury private suites.

That’s right, from now on, wealthy passengers flying on the company’s A380 jets will be able to relax in their very own cabins in the sky, complete with double beds and comfy Italian-stitched armchairs. No more having your legs squashed in that tiny space between chairs, or having to endure a total stranger’s snoring or loud obnoxious voice. Instead of trying to watch the in-flight movie on a tiny screen, with a headset in your ears, you can sit back and enjoy whatever film you like on your private 23-inch TV. From now on, rich business types will have their own little oasis of privacy and luxury even when they’re flying.

And just in case your very own private cabin, complete with a large double bed, reclining leather seat and window blinds isn’t enough, Singapore Airlines also offers a gourmet menu and a selection of fine wines. It all sounds like a dream, but wait till you her the price. If you want to book one of these private suites, you’ll have to fork out some serious cash. For example, a round flight from New York to Singapore costs $15,750 per person. And these luxurious cabins don’t even have their own bathrooms.

Sure, it’s not the same as renting a private jet, but I suppose renting one of these cabins is a bit cheaper.


via Daily Mail

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