Another year, Another Dress Made Exclusively of Human Hair

While most people are trying to remove hair from their bodies, others are more than happy to put it on, in the form of fashionable dresses.

English hairdresser Jodie Breeds has recently created a dress made entirely from human hair, which was worn by Miss England finalist Holly Lyons on the catwalk of the beauty pageant. Jodie apparently came up with the idea for the dress while contemplating how to represent her hair-salon in the Miss England contest. “My business is about hair and beauty so I wanted to represent what we’re about here. So I designed a hair dress, I sketched out the design and my aunty, Margaret Jenner, who’s a dressmaker, made it. It took about six hours altogether,” the hairdresser said. The “blonde” dress was made from hair donated by the salon’s clients and about 10 rows of hair extensions.

Although Holly, who went into the Miss England competition with Jodie Breeds’ salon name, “Miss 24 Carat”, didn’t win, she did manage ti turn heads with her unique dress, and also put Jodie’s business on the map. People kept turning up at her place to see the hair garment, claiming they had never seen anything like it before. Now the hair-stylist is thinking of displaying the hairy creation at her salon, because everyone keeps asking to see it.

Hair dresses are definitely nothing new. In fact, new ones seem to be created every year or so. Last year we had one made from 250 meters of human hair, and in 2010 a Vietnam designer made a dress out of 1 million meters of hair. I can’t wait to see what next year brings.

via Daily Mail

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