Argentine Widow Sleeps in Late Husband’s Mausoleum to Keep Him Company

Some people have strange ways of honoring their loved ones who have passed a way. Take Adriana Villarreal, an Argentine widow who sleeps in her late husband’s small mausoleum to keep him company, because she loves him so much.

43-year-old Adriana Villarreal, from Buenos Aires, recently made headlines in the Argentinian media after she confessed spending a few nights a year in her dead husband’s mausoleum. According to Gustavo Braganza, a police commissioner from the town of Dos de Mayo, his colleagues went to investigate what was going on in the San Lazaro cemetery, after reports of someone living there and playing loud music. When they knocked on the tomb door, Villarreal greeted them in her pijamas, and they could actually see she had been living next to a coffin and an embalmed body.

Photo: San Vincente Informa

As it turns out, the woman’s husband, Sergio Yede, 28, committed suicide 2 years ago, while she was working in far away Mexico. The reasons why he took his own life are unknown, but Adriana says he was a good man, and she loved him very much. The woman told police she visits Dos de Mayo three times a year, and stays three or four nights, to be with Sergio. “When you love someone, you do all sorts of things,” she explained. “My husband deserved it and still does.” Although they both lived in Buenos Aires, she moved his remains to his home town, because that’s what he would have wished. And she built the mausoleum with the money he had saved to build a house, to fulfill his biggest wish.

Photo: Misiones Cuatro

When police checked out the tomb she had been living in for a few days, they discovered she had renovated it, and brought in a bed, a radio, a computer with Internet connection and even a small cooker. Asked if she was afraid of sleeping in the cemetery next to an embalmed corpse, the 43-year-old said it’s the living we should all be afraid of. Although she also visits her husband’s parents whenever she comes to town and has lunch with them, she prefers to spend her nights by her husband’s side, to keep him company.

As strange as it might seem, this is not the weirdest display of love after death. Back in 2009, we reported on Le Van, a Vietnamese man who practically wrapped his dead wife’s bones in gypsum and slept with her for five years. In 2011, local news revealed he was still sleeping with her…

Misiones Online via Inquirer News

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