Bald Billboard – Man Uses His Head for Advertising Space for $320 a Day

Last month, 27-year-old entrepreneur Brandon Chicotsky launched a unique service called Bald Logo, turning his bald head into a billboard for businesses willing to pay him $320 per day, and walking around Austin, Texas to get as much exposure as possible.

How does the old saying go, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”? That’s exactly what Brandon Chicotsky did after he lost most of the hair on his head at a very young age. “Because I didn’t get to choose to be bald I thought I’d bring bald and beautiful back,” said Chicotsky, who also decided to use his head as an actual business. Last month, the young entrepreneur launched Bald Logo, and since then he’s been flooded with inquiries from businesses interested in having their logos temporarily tattooed on his or one of his coworkers’ heads, for a fee of $320 a day. Brandon and his team have perfected the tattoos to withstand any weather conditions, and will spend six hours a day walking the streets of Austin garnering attention for their clients. Bald Logo currently has three “bald angelicals” on its staff, but the ambitious businessman plans to hire more walking advertising spaces and expand to other cities.

Photo: KXAN

In order to get as much attention as possible when parading around town with their logo tattoos, Bald Logo’s angelicas have devised a strategy that involves attractive girls, camera crews and full-body spandex suits. When they’re working, Brandon Chicotsky and his bald co-workers are accompanied by two female actresses carrying signs or waving flags promoting the client’s business, as well as a third actor dressed in a full-body spandex suit. To turn even more heads, they’ll have a camera crew following them around. “When there are cameras, people tend to inquire, ‘What is this about, what’s on your head?’” Chicotsky said. I think it’s fair to say the guy’s using his head in more ways than one.


“It’s a thrill because it truly garners attention,” Chicotsky told the New York Daily News. “For the first time in my life, I was called out in a restaurant: ‘Hey, you’re that bald guy I saw on YouTube!’ Bald Logo donates nearly half their proceeds to the national Alopecia Areata Foundation, which supports people with the autoimmune disease that causes hair loss from some or all areas of the body, usually from the scalp.


You might think this is a stupid way to make a living, but it sure beats permanently tattooing company logos on your face and body.

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