Bathroom With a Bed Advertised as ‘Micro-Studio’ for $550 a Month

A listing for a “newly-renovated micro studio” in Vancouver that turned out to be a tiny bathroom with a bed crammed in it was recently slammed online.

Described as “ideal” for a single person looking to live in downtown Vancouver at an affordable rate, and who “does not need much space”, the 160-square-foot (15 sq. meters) suite was actually a bathroom in which the bed was literally just a couple of steps from the toilet bowl. That sort of makes its advertised features, like the brand-new porcelain flooring, granite finishing, and a large window seem somewhat unimpressive. Not to mention that the rent of this unusual “living space” was set at a whopping C$680 ($550).

Vancouver has been one of the most unaffordable cities in the world for a while now, as well as the seventh most expensive housing market in the world, according to one recent survey, but renting out tiny bathrooms for hundreds of dollars a month still seems surreal.

The listing suggested that the renter would be on a three-month lease, with the option to extend, and clarified that there was no kitchen available, and pets were not allowed.

The bizarre listing appeared on Craigslist earlier this month, and was deleted after a couple of days, but not before being picked up by online blog Vancouver Is Awesome and attracting some negative feedback. The city of Vancouver makes it very clear that a space requires at least 250 square feet (23 sq. meters) in size to be deemed a micro-dwelling, and that bathrooms  be “physically separated from the remainder of the unit by partitions and a door to ensure privacy and to isolate noise and odors.”

The since-deleted listing was considered funny by many on social media, but it is also a reflection of the real estate situation in one of the world’s most expensive cities.

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