Belgian Band Spontaneously Tattoo Themselves during Performances

Attending a Tat2noiseact concert might just be the most bizarre experience of your life. The Belgian rock band is known for performing experimental music while simultaneously inking themselves, creating a freakishly surreal atmosphere that you won’t soon forget.

Their act starts with random screaming by lead singer Phil, while the band performs in the background. Then the members begin tattooing themselves or each other, and the screams get louder and more incomprehensible. As the performance reaches a crescendo, all you get to hear is the buzzing noise of tattoo guns, amplified by the sound systems they are plugged in to. At this point, everyone will seem to be in a sort of trance. There is nothing commercial about this unique performance, and you’ve got to have a taste for the bizarre to be able to relax and enjoy it.

“There is nothing conventional in our practice,” a band member proudly proclaimed. “Everything is spontaneous, accidental, according to our mood. This is the exact opposite of what happens in tattoo parlors. There are no rules, nothing is planned. No one would walk into a parlor and say – you can do anything, even dance.”


While most people get tattoos with profound sayings or meaningful symbols, the band doesn’t seem to care for anything that makes sense. The skin on their bodies and even their faces are covered with random scribbles and scratches that follow no pattern. Phil seems to have the most amount of tattoos, as he lives by the motto: “My skin is like a sketchbook.”

“We are, therefore we are. Tat2noise is an enormous provocation,” Phil explained. “None of it is planned. It’s freestyle.”


He added that his goal is to allow himself to become a tool in his performance. “I find it beautiful,” he said. “I don’t want to invent something. I could never have invented the knife and fork but I need them. It’s beautiful to become a tool. Yes, it’s more about actions than words.”


Phil is aware of the fact that he will run out of space on his skin at some point, but he shrugs it off by saying, “that will take time.” Until then, his plan is just to get tattooed over and over. “It is a piece of art. It is always evolving like what I do during the show.”

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Source: Metropolis TV

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