Bold Designer Creates Fashionable Dress from Ford Focus Car Parts

A true designer can make a dress out of literally anything, even car parts! As a part of the month-long event celebrating 100 years of Ford in Britain, the company commissioned two young British designers to create a dress and jewelry fashioned from Ford components.

The unique ‘car dress’ was designed by Judy Clark, who is a nominee for Scottish designer of the year and has also worked with Alexander McQueen. She accepted the challenge to make the dress using Ford car parts within 1 week. The materials she worked with included various parts from a Ford Focus, along with Chiffon, Silk, Tweed, Lace, Leather and Spray paint. On her blog, Clark describes the entire designing and dress-making process from beginning to end. The parts first arrived at her place in big boxes. The components sent to her included keys, dashboard functions, rear lights, car seat covers, radio players, window buttons and more.

She describes in detail how she used each part to create the entire dress. Clark calls the back of the dress the ‘engine’, comprising of the smaller components stitched into a crinoline type bustle. She constructed a biker jacket with the car’s seat covers, along with some tweed and spray paint. Layers of silk chiffon were died the color of diesel and used for the skirt. Her main aim was to create a dress that captured the contrast between soft feminine layers and industrial car mechanics. Clark took inspiration for the dress from the Edwardian period.

Overall, the dress is actually not bad at all. It looks even better on Miss Scotland 2011, Jennifer Reoch. Check out photos of her sporting the unique dress on Judy Clark’s blog.