Bosnian Woman Claims She Can Cure Eye Problems by Licking People’s Eyeballs

77-year-old Hava Cebic, from the village of Crnjevo in northern Bosnia, is popular for her miraculous, golden tongue. If her claims are to be believed, she can cure any kind of eye ailment by just licking sufferers’ eyeballs. She’s been helping her neighbors and friends for 40 years now, and people from nearby villages travel several miles for her services.

Granny Hava said that she discovered her tongue’s mysterious healing properties when she was just a little girl. Her brother had complained of dry eyes, and as a joke, she pinned him down and licked his eyes. Later, he told her that he had been able to see better after that.

The incident intrigued Hava and she decided to try the technique on others with eye problems. To her surprise, it worked wonderfully – she found that she was able to cure allergies, dry and tired eyes, conjunctivitis and ocular hypertension. She could even reduce the symptoms of more serious ailments such as cataracts.

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When Hava was married a few years later, her husband thought the whole thing with the tongue was mumbo jumbo. “At first my husband was very confused and didn’t want me to do it,” she said. “But one day he got a piece of wood in his eye and after I licked it out he agreed that I had a gift, and I should help others.”

“Now, whenever anyone has something stuck in their eye or whatever, they come to me,” she said, proudly. “They come from different towns and villages and in a minute or two, their problem is solved. But I always make sure I wash my tongue in alcohol before or after an eye lick.”


Hava said that she has recorded the names of all the people whom she has helped in the past 40 years. She has never asked for a fee, but people do express their gratitude by offering as much money as they can afford. Over the years, people have come to her from as far as Sarajevo, Zenica, Tuzla, Kaknja, and other cities in Bosnia and even Croatia.

There are times when she is able to provide a cure, where even hospitals have failed. Like this one guy who had a terrible pain in his eye and the doctors had told him there was no cure. But Hava was able to improve his condition with just a single lick. It’s a gift and a miracle, according to her, and she is sure that her children cannot take over after her death. She just hopes that her tongue will be cut off after she dies and it can continue to treat people.

Sources: Telegraf, Slobodna Dalmacija

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