9-Year-Old Girl Deadlifts 165 Pounds, Gets Compared to Young Hercules

Arshia Goswami, a 9-year-old girl from India’s Haryana state, has been dubbed the female version of Hercules after deadlifting a whopping 165 pounds (75 kg).

Arshia first started attracting attention a couple of years ago when she set a national record as India’s youngest deadlifter, with a personal best of 45 kilograms. She has been training ever since, though, and she recently went viral once again by deadlifting 75 kilograms, more than two times her own body weight. The impressive feat was captured on video and shared on the young weightlifter’s Instagram page, where it went viral. But although most of the feedback was positive, with people praising her strength and form, some comments also expressed concern for her wellbeing, claiming that lifting such heavy weights at her age could have serious health consequences.

“She may be 9, but her skeleton is 78 after this,” one Instagram user wrote.

“Isn’t she just too young to be carrying weight as heavy as that? Her spine isn’t even well developed to withstand such pressure,” another concerned person commented.

The 9-year-old is clearly passionate about deadlifting, and she is exceptional at it. A year ago, she set an Asian record for her age class, deadlifting 132 pounds, and she clearly has no plans to stop anytime soon.

“Wow. It took me years to try this weight when I was a teenager. Much respect,” a fellow weightlifter wrote.

“Incredible feat by Arshia Goswami, showcasing strength and determination at such a young age! Truly inspiring for all aspiring athletes,” someone else said.

Arshia Goswami’s feat reminded us of Rory von Ulft’s achievement from three and a half years ago. At age seven, the Canadian gymnast managed to deadlift 80 kilograms using an Olympic bar, thus gaining the unofficial title of the world’s strongest child.

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