Brazilian Doctor Uses HIV-Infected Needles to Keep Burglars Out

Some people use guard dogs, other opt for an alarm or surveillance system to keep burglars away, but a certain Brazilian doctor went for something a lot more extreme – needles infected with HIV.

The female orthopedist from the city of Sobradinho was fed up with burglars jumping over her fence and stealing her belongings. They had already stolen her lawnmower, hair dryer and photo camera when she decided to put an end to the trespassing by taping dozens of HIV-infected syringes atop her metal fence and hanging a sign saying ” Wall with HIV positive blood. No trespassing.”

She placed the unusual anti-burglar system on August 18, and although it managed to keep thieves out, it alerted the neighbors, who contacted the authorities saying the woman’s attitude was dangerous. On August 20, the condominium manager ordered the doctor to remove the syringes within five days and imposed a fine of around $112. The HIV-infected needles were taken down on August 21, but now the Brazilian orthopedist, who chose to remain anonymous, will have to undergo psychiatric evaluation and could lose her license for using contaminated materials from taken from the hospital where she worked.


via NTN24


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