Breast Slapping – A Thai Beautician’s Alternative to Plastic Surgery

If you’re serious about making some changes to your appearance but are to afraid to go under the knife, you might want to book a flight to Thailand and give Khemmikka Na Songkhla’s government-approved slapping techniques a try.

I know what you’re thinking – yet another breast-enlargement scam, I was inclined to think that as well, but after doing some research on Khemmikka Na Songkhla’s slapping treatments I found the Thai Health Ministry conducted a six-month study on them and acknowledged her technique as a viable alternative to plastic surgery. The 44 -year-old Bangkok beautician is the only person in the world who knows the secrets of breast, face and buttock slapping, which she inherited from her grandmother. Now, she’s selected planning to select 10 people to pass on her knowledge to, but not for free. Khemmikka is charging 10 million baht ($330,000) for the body-sculpting course, 8 million baht ($260,000) for the breast slapping course, and 5 million baht ($165,000) for the face slapping course. Four people have applied for her courses, so far.

Khemmikka Na Songkhla, better known as “Khunying Tobnom” discovered the beautifying effects of slapping when she was a teenager looking for ways to enlarge her own breasts. One day her grandmother saw her rubbing her breasts with a miracle cream and advised her to stop wasting time with that stuff and rub them the old-fashioned way, until it hurt. After she let her grandmother slap her breasts a few times and douse them with ice-water, Khemmikka noticed her breast size grew by 4 inches, and eventually mastered the slapping techniques herself. She has practiced the old art of slapping in her beauty salon for the last two decades, and managed to radically improved the appearance of thousands of women without using any chemicals or implants.

One of the most important moments in her career occurred a few years back, when a client developed breast cancer and blamed it on Khunying Tobnom’s slapping massage. Worried, the beautician asked the Thai health department to study her techniques and find out if they could lead to cancer. After a thorough six-month study, officials of the Health Ministry announced test subjects were all cancer-free but showed significant growths in breast size. In 2003, breast slapping was officially approved as a natural alternative to plastic surgery.


But how does slapping help improve women’s appearance? Apparently the treatment involves kneading action that guides the fat from areas around the breast pushing it towards the breast, creating a fuller appearance and size. Khemmikka Na Songkhla slaps, pinches and squeezes the fat and muscle on the upper chest, sides of the torso and belly of her clients in six 10-minute sessions which those who have tried them say can be pretty painful. But the results are worth it, considering they get breast size growths of over 2 inches. Clients range from young girls who want a more impressive chest, to women in their 70s who want to tone up their curves. Women from all walks of life have tried her slapping treatments and have seen significant results.

But while Khemmikka Na Songkhla’s slapping can do wonders, she admits there are some women even she can’t help. If a woman’s breasts are too small, or if she is too skinny, she advises her to put on some weight before coming to see her again, because she doesn’t have anything to work with. So keep that in mind before flying to Thailand…

via Bangkok Post and Life’s So Beautiful