Chinese Man Uses Single Bamboo Stick as a Raft to Cross Large River on His Way to Work

Who needs a boat when you’ve got incredible core strength and balance? Two simple bamboo poles will do if you’re anything like this 51-year-old Chinese man who is able to cross a large river standing on one pole and rowing with the other!

A video of Fang Shuyun’s unique commute has recently gone viral on Chinese social media and millions were left baffled by the ease with which the middle-aged man navigates the waters of Fuchun River, sailing smoothly and swiftly on a 23-foot bamboo cane. He was reportedly traveling at a speed of 100 to 164 feet per minute.

Fang, a native of Hangzhou city, first tried out the feat one night in 2014 after he missed the last boat ride home from work. He spotted a bamboo pole floating in the river and decided to use it to get to the other side. He failed in that first attempt, but came away with the feeling that he could complete the ride if he worked on his sense of balance. So Fang spent the past two years practicing, and it appears that he has finally managed to master the skill. “The leg you put forward carries the center of the body weight so you should use it to step on the bamboo pole evenly,” he explained, speaking to local media. “Then you use the big toe of your other leg to stop the stick from rolling in water. As long as you achieve a balance and stop the bamboo from turning, it’s possible to cross a river on a single bamboo pole given you’re fit enough.”


Fang also added that the pole needs to be over 13 feet in length in order to gain enough buoyancy. “You just step onto the bamboo and take advantage of the forces of the current and wind,” he said. “Now even if I miss the last boat, no matter how late it is I will be able to go home.”

Internet users in China are in awe of Fang’s special ability, comparing him with a legendary fifth-century monk who is believed to have crossed a river while standing on a single reed. Others are hailing him as a master of light body Kung Fu.


“This is too incredible. He’s so talented,” a Weibo user commented, while another expressed a desire to become Fang’s disciple. “Real masters live among the people,” another user wrote.


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