Chinese Woman Dumped Because of Her Weight Threatens to Send Ex Bar of Soap Made from Her Own Fat

The story of a woman’s revenge on her ex-boyfriend and his family has gone viral on Chinese social media. After getting dumped because of her weight, the woman from Henan province proceeded to remove all her excess fat through liposuction and used some of that fat to create a bar of soap. She now plans to avenge herself by sending it as a gift to her ex’s mother.

The woman, who goes by the online name ‘Xiao Xiao loves beauty and eating’, posted a photograph of herself holding the unique bar of soap on Weibo on January 7, along with a scathing message. “Yang Xiaolei, do you still remember last Spring Festival?” she wrote. “Since I can’t accompany you to go home this year, I used my own fat to make a soap and give it to your mother for bathing. Spring Festival is a time to give a gift to those low-class men who judge women by appearance.”



Xiao Xiao also posted a screenshots of an argument she had with Yang Xiaolei privately via text message. She apparently sent him a message that read: “I’ve made a piece of soap from my own fat to give to your mum for bathing. Chinese New Year – the time to surprise those men who judge a book by its cover.”

To which he replied: “Why are you making me look bad on the Internet?! It was already over between us, you didn’t need to go to the hospital to suck out fat and disgust me! Damn, do I judge people solely by their appearances? You didn’t need to disgust my mum, or what? F*** you bitch!”


His strong response did nothing to silence Xiao Xiao, who wrote back: “You said I was fat. I’m sending your entire family some soap, believe it or not!” But she later deleted that screenshot from her Weibo account.

While the story is certainly interesting in a gross kind of way, there isn’t any proof of the fact that the soap in the picture is really made from Xiao Xiao’s body fat. And it isn’t clear if she really means to send it to her ex, or just wanted to use the pictures to humiliate him. In any case, she did end up getting a lot of attention online, which is probably what she was going for. The original post has received over 6,000 shares, 5,000 comments, and nearly 3,000 likes since it went online. The reactions, however, are mixed – some people have commended her brilliant strategy, while others find it kind of extreme.


“I believe you will find a better person so tell that man to go to hell,” one commenter wrote.

“Your ex-boyfriend was right,” wrote another. “Beauty and ugliness comes not just from being fat and thin but from the heart.”


Weibo via Shanghaiist

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