Coffin Couture – Clothing Store Offers the Perfect Outfits for the Afterlife

Eternity is a really long time, so you’d probably want to spend it looking your best, right? Luckily, a popular clothing store has recently put together a collection of stylish clothes they think are perfect for the afterlife.

English clothing company Lyst claims that their new ‘Over My Dead Body’ collection was inspired by the results of a customer survey which showed that 85% of Britons have thought about their final outfit, with about a quarter of them saying they would be willing to spend £1,000 on it.

“What we wear is such a huge reflection of who are and our personalities that it’s unsurprising that people now have a clear picture of what they want to be buried in,” said Katherine Ormerod, editorial director of Lyst. “They say life’s too short for boring clothes, we agreed and took it one step further. Death is too long to get your last outfit wrong.”

After asking customers what they would like to wear on their death bed, Lyst has come up with a variety of options, based on the most popular outfits. While 52% of women said that they want to go down in style, wearing  designer dresses and statement heels, 31% of respondents said that they would prefer to be buried in their favorite underwear. A fifth of the surveyed men said that they would prefer to wear flip-flops on their final day above ground, and 31% answered that they would love to wear a baseball cap.

After selecting about 4o different clothing items and accessories that best fit the desires of their customers, Lyst eve had deathly-pale models pose for promotional photos wearing the clothes while laying down in creepy coffins. As far as Halloween promotions go, it doesn’t get much better than this.

The company even offers a couple of creepy option, like the “Try Before You Die’ payment program, where you get to order the items you like and not have your card charged for two weeks, allowing you to keep only the ones you like, and the Death Threads package, where the store informs your next of kin of your preferred outfit, just in case something happens to you and you don’t get the chance to tell them yourself. Anything to have you looking your best at your funeral.

Check out the entire Over My Dead Body collection, here.

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