Japanese Fashion Company Launches Sunfish-Shaped Sweater

Japanese clothing brand Felissimo recently took social media by storm with an unusual garment inspired by the unique shape of the giant sunfish.

“For those of you who want to become a sunfish, we have created room wear that allows you to wear a sunfish,” the Felissimo social media team posted last month. “Opportunities to wear a sunfish don’t come around very often in life, so I hope you will seize this chance.”

Shaped just like the massive marine creature – with its large fins acting as fins and its mouth designed as the collar – the sunfish sweater made quite an impression on X (Twitter), where it received over 15,000 likes.

Apparently, the wacky loungewear began as a funny discussion among Felissimo’s designers. Some of them didn’t think the shape of the sunfish could be faithfully recreated as a garment, but as they brainstormed ideas, they came up with a wearable version.

“We kept repeating that if we tried to recreate a sunfish, it wouldn’t work as clothing, and if we tried to make it easy to wear, it wouldn’t have the shape of a sunfish, but in the end, we were able to achieve the perfect shape,” the company tweeted on X.

The bizarre garment works well with both pants and skirts, but Felissimo admitted that it was surprised by the success of its sunfish garment and the overwhelming number of orders. The sweater can be ordered from the Felissimo website, for 7,920 yen ($53). It’s unclear if the company ships internationally.

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