College Graduate Tries to Sell Diploma for $50,000 After Failing to Find a Job

Although she graduated from Florida State University four years ago, theater major Stephanie Ritter has yet to find a decent job in her field. Fed up of the situation, she’s actually put up her diploma for sale on eBay for $50,000 – $10,000 more than her student loan debt. She says that the drastic solution is the only way for her to validate her “use of time between 2007 – 2011.”

“I thought this piece of paper has so much worth to so many people, but for a theater major, it couldn’t mean less,” she said. “I’m doing the exact same things and probably getting paid the exact same amount as people that dropped out halfway through freshman year, except I’m still $40,000 in debt and they’re, well, not.”

So for $50,000 – or the best offer she can get – Stephanie is offering her original diploma in mint condition, which has “never been used to get a job before.” The price also covers her college experience in a nutshell. The buyer will be treated to a tour of the university, “including everywhere you would have gone/eaten/partied in your four years at FSU.” She’s adding access to all of her college memories and Facebook albums for six months, a show at the FSU School of Theatre, and a tour of all her favorite Publixes including sweet tea at each location.


Photo: eBay

“I will rent a car and show you the best view of the capitol building (where it looks most like a penis),” she promises. The tour will also include “a very quick drive by my former drug dealer/yoga teacher’s house” and “the spots I got speeding tickets in between her classes.”

“Why waste four years of your life going to a state school for a piece of paper when you can just buy mine?” she asks in the eBay listing.


Photo: eBay

Stephanie does realize that the chances of someone purchasing her diploma are very slim, but she does hope to achieve financial stability someday, and dreams that “a very rich family would adult Daddy Warbucks” her. And if that doesn’t work out either, she has a back-up plan: “just do that thing where I pay the minimum for 25 years and then the government feels so bad for you that they wipe it clean.”

Despite her situation, she told Buzzfeed that she would definitely choose to go to college again if she got a do-over. But she’d probably choose a different city, where she could make more money to support herself. And she has one piece of advice for high schoolers applying to college: “Be REALLY careful with loans.”


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