Color-Obsessed Real Estate Agent Surrounds Himself with Red and White

In a bid to make himself instantly recognizable, an Indian real estate agent has surrounded himself with the colors red and white. The man is so obsessed with these colors that they feature in all his clothes, in his car, and his home. He even buys his toothpaste in a red-and-white tube, with a toothbrush to match!

52-year-old Sevenraj, a real estate agent based in Bangalore, developed a fixation with red and white after he realized that it was a great gimmick to get people to notice him. His inspiration comes from Mahatma Gandhi, who was always clad in white. “Mahatma Gandhi is recognized by his glasses and bare torso with a white towel, so I had to do something similar to be recognized by one and all,” he said.


“During my childhood, I was thinking, I want to be a unique person in the world,” he explained. “So I thought, everybody wears white dress, why not change that a little bit? So then I thought that red and white make a great combination… ‘Red and White, Ready to Fight’, like that. Now, if you see, my car is red and white, my house is red and white, and anywhere if I go, people notice, ‘Oh! This is Sevenraj.’”

Everything in Sevenraj’s life is red and white; even his wife and kids dress in the same colors. The interiors of his Bangalore home are completely done up in red and white, so are his office and his car. His suits, furniture, stationery, socks, handkerchief and underwear are all of the same colors as well. He’s even managed to find a cell phone, a wrist watch and glasses that are red and white.


Sevenraj has created an identity of his own in Bangalore, by incorporating red and white in almost every aspect of his life. He is a local celebrity of sorts now, and his family is referred to as the ‘Red and White Family’. Surprisingly, his wife Pushpa, 42, his son Bharath, 17, and daughter Maneesha, 15, don’t seem to mind going along with his unique fixation. In fact they always make it a point to attend important occasions together, dressed in the family colors of red and white. They appear to be happy and excited about the fact that people recognize them wherever they go.

Apart from his fascination for read an white, Sevenraj is quite obsessed with the number seven. His father, wanting to choose a name that was free of religious or cultural connotations, named him Seven – simply because he was the seventh child in the family. And all his life, Sevenraj has taken the number very seriously. He now has seven buttons on his jacket and his phone number ends in 777. He speaks seven languages and the number seven is stitched into the headrest of his car. It is also proudly displayed on the lapels of his red-and-white blazer.

Before he turned to color, Sevenraj tried a number of different ‘looks’ when he was younger. At one point, he used to sport long, waist-length hair, and there was also a time he wore it up in a turban like a Sikh. But he finally settled for colors, a decision that has suited him quite well so far. Sevenraj and his family have received widespread media attention in Bangalore, and he has also been featured in India’s Limca Book of Records.

via Daily Mail, India Book of Records

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