Company Celebrates Black Friday by Asking People to Crowdfund Useless ‘Holiday Hole’

Instead of spending their money on crazy Black Friday deals, Cards against Humanity, the company behind the popular namesake board game, asked people to donate to the digging of a useless ‘Holiday Hole’ in celebration of the holiday. Believe it or not, they managed to raise over $100,000.

This past weekend, as Americans spent billions shopping, one company managed to convince some of them to throw their money into a real-life money pit. More specifically, Cards Against Humanity decided to dig a Holiday Hole to celebrate Black Friday and asked their fans to keep donating to this purpose to see how deep the hole could get. As long as people kept donating, an excavator kept digging, with each dollar donated paying for half a second of digging time. The idea of a pointless hole apparently appealed to a lot of people, as the company managed to raise a whopping $100,573 and keep that excavator busy until Sunday, when donations started to dwindle and the digging timer on the Holiday Hole website eventually expired.

In case you’re wondering if there was some sort of deeper meaning or hidden purpose to this hole being dug on an empty plot of land, somewhere in America, there wasn’t. So what did you actually get by donating money to this unique project? “A deeper hole. What else are you going to buy, an iPod?” Cards Against Humanity clarifies in their FAQ section.

Confused about how you feel about money being thrown into a useless pit. Cards Against Humanity is once again more than happy to help out: “You’re supposed to think it’s funny. You might not get it for a while, but some time next year you’ll chuckle quietly to yourself and remember all this business about the hole.”

If you’re a fan of Cards Against Humanity, you are probably aware of their now traditional Black Friday stunts. Last year, they asked people to pay them $5 for nothing whatsoever, and the year before that they sold real bull poop for $6 a box. In 2013, they actually raised the price of their party board game from $25 to $30 for Black Friday.

“We really hate Black Friday,” Cards Against Humanity inventor Max Temkin said last year. “It’s this really gross orgy of consumerism right after a holiday about being thankful for what you have — so we’ve always tried to think of funny jokes or comments we could make about the tradition.”


After raising $100,000 for a useless hole, it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with next year.

Sources: Holiday Hole, Miami Herald

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