Compassionate Chinese Couple Have Been Taking Care of a Homeless Person for Over Three Decades

While some of us find it difficult to host guests for a few weeks, this Chinese couple have generously shared their home with a mentally ill homeless person for the past 35 years.

When Xue Shunlu and his wife Li Huannv first found Xue Zhen on the streets of Fenglingdu, in China’s Shanxi Province, the poor man was in a terrible state – he was unable to talk or defend himself from bullies on the street. So the couple rescued him and took him to their house in a neighbouring village in Yuncheng city.

Although they lived in a small house and barely earned enough to support themselves, the kind couple didn’t hesitate to share everything they had with a total stranger. They told him to treat the house as his own and spent their free time teaching him to cook, clean, and take care of himself. They even allowed him to share Xue Shunlu’s family name.


Xue Zhen initially found it difficult to adjust to the new environment and ran away a few times, but always returned to the couple’s home, eventually becoming a permanent member of the family. Despite his mental illness, the 70-year-old is now able to do household chores, light the fire, and buy his own food.


Not much is known about Xue Zhen’s background, but Xue Shunlu and Li Huannv believe that he might have been a member of the Communist Party of China in the 1950s. They are still trying to find out more information about him, especially if he might have any living family members left in China.


But Xue Zhen might not really need his real family after all, thanks to the couple’s kindness and patience. In fact, Xue Shunly, who is now 83, and Li Huannv might actually need Xue Zhen to care for them as they grow older.


Photos via CSYTV (Chinese)

via Daily Mail

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