Couple Attend Their Own Wedding Via Livestream to Avoid Spreading Coronavirus

A Singaporean couple who had recently visited a village in the same province as Wuhan, the epicenter of the Coronavirus epidemic, decided to livestream themselves to their own wedding from quarantine, in order to avoid spreading the dreaded virus.

The newly-married Mr. and Mrs. Yu had a very unconventional wedding. Instead of being there in the flesh to greet and interact with their guests in the flesh, they decided to livestream themselves from a hotel room miles away from the wedding venue. The couple had visited the groom’s mother in a village in Hunan, the same Chinese province as the city of Wuhan, where the Coronavirus epidemic reportedly originated from, and decided that it was best to quarantine themselves for 14 days, just to be sure. the problem was that canceling the wedding on such short notice wasn’t really an option either, so they decided to compromise.

Photo: China Press

“Thank you for coming to our wedding. We are so sorry we couldn’t enjoy this wonderful moment there with you in person, but we are still very happy to see that you all here,” the bride – who wore a white wedding dress – said from a hotel suite.

The guests invited to the wedding all attended the special event, despite being announced about the absence of the newly-married couple. As the bride’s parents had also traveled to Hunan, they couldn’t attend the wedding either, which only left the bride’s sister to entertain the guests in the flesh.

Photo: China Press

Apart from the traditional wedding dance, which was understandably omitted, all the other wedding traditions were respected, including the toast, which the newlyweds joined via livestream on a large screen that the wedding venue provided.

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