Crocodile Gets Beauty Treatment for Annual Mating Season

Businesses would go any lengths to gain publicity. Even if it means attempting to beautify a crocodile. A day spa in Darwin, Australia has had its employees do just that.

As unbelievable as it may seem, this croc-makeover has happened for real. Or so the pictures suggest. The Parap Day Spa recently managed to acquire the saltwater creature from a crocodile research center in Darwin. According to the spa, their staff then spent hours exfoliating the crocodile, giving it a mani-pedi and a proper bikini wax. A few pictures reveal a limp crocodile surrounded by a bunch of enthusiastic women, attacking it with gloves, waxing strips and nail-polish.

The most obvious question that comes to mind is, “Why?” Why on earth would someone want to provide spa services to a crocodile, beauty being the least of its concerns. Apparently, the spa was engaged in an attempt to show off their skills. Fair enough, after crocodile scales, exfoliating human skin must seem like child’s play.

Another reason quoted by spa manager Louanne Grasmeder for the bizarre grooming session was the upcoming crocodile mating season. “Breeding season is just around the corner, and we want her to look  her best,” she said. “The lengths we go for training,” added staff member Jamillah Allen.

All said and done, the spa is earning quite a bit of publicity over its endeavors. Which was probably what it was all about in the first place. In fact, a closer look at pictures reveals that the staff might be posing, as opposed to actually being at work. The hair on one of the waxing strips does not seem to have come off the crocodile at all. Not very convincing.

We only hope the crocodile didn’t have to suffer too much. Whether it had a relaxing day at the spa or not, is something we will never know.

via Parap Day Spa

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