Design Student Creates Fashionable Dress from Condoms

Apparently, women can now wear condoms too! Thanks to a Vietnamese student, Nguyen Minh Tuan, who created a dress entirely made of condoms.  He made the dress for his graduation project at Van Lang University in Ho Chi Minh City. The dress is called “Breaking the Condom Taboo” and contains 700 condoms.

Tuan says he created the dress with a purpose – to raise awareness of the use of condoms among the Vietnamese people. According to Tuan, the attitude of the Vietnamese towards sex and safe sex practices needs changing. So he decided to make the dress a part of World AIDS Day on the 1st of December. He hopes that the dress will encourage people to use condoms and protect their loved ones against STDs. The dress itself is quite pretty, and has been getting compliments from designers and models worldwide. In fact, unless the dress is looked at up-close, it’s hard to tell that it has been made from condoms. The dress is being described as quite versatile, designed to suit different body types.

Although latex has been used in garments before this, it is perhaps the first time that a dress has been fashioned entirely with condoms in their original form. It is highly unlikely though, that the dress might make an appearance in retail stores or malls. Regular women would probably find it weird to wear a dress made of condoms, no matter how pretty it is. It is unclear as to what Tuan plans to do with his creation. For now, he seems to be happy with creating an awareness about condoms and safe sex.






via Vietnamnet

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