DJ Creates Anti-Paparazzi Clothing Ruins Flash Photos by Excessively Reflecting Light

Thanks to DJ Chris Holmes, celebrities can now ward off those pesky paparazzi and their intrusive photography with ease. They just need to wear pieces from Holmes’ new ‘Anti Paparazzi Collection’ – a line of clothing made from a reflective material completely ruins flash photographs.

The collection currently consists of a hooded jacket, an infinity scarf, suit pants, a blazer, and a hat. While they look like regular clothes, the fabric is actually coated with glass nanospheres. This coating makes the clothes act like mirrors when hit with bright light, so the resulting images are horribly underexposed and the wearer is practically invisible.


Holmes said that he got the idea for the collection when he realized that the reflective clothing he had worn to one of his performances made the camera flashes ‘bounce’ off his clothing. So he created the line for crowdfunding website Betabrand’s Think Tank, an innovative contest that lets people vote on new clothing ideas.


“While I wasn’t thrilled that many of these photos were ruined because of my clothing, it gave me the epiphany that perhaps I could use this technology for a greater purpose,” he wrote on the Betabrand website. “That’s what led me to create the Anti-Paparazzi Collection, which uses reflective threads to render paparazzi-shot photos worthless – perfect for those who don’t want their picture taken.”


The clothing line received quite a few votes from fans during the competition, and it is now all set to hit the market. The $205 ‘Photobomber Hoodie’, and the $70 ‘Silver-Screen Scarf’ have exceeded the funding goal and will be shipped to buyers starting August. The $406 ‘Illuminati Suit Jacket’, the $50 ‘Halo Hat’ and the $228 ‘Illuminati Suit Pants’, however, are yet to meet the goal on Betabrand, with 6 more days to go.


You don’t really have to be a celebrity or have paparazzi following you to own any of these clothes – they’ll probably be just as fun at a party with friends. You can check out the entire Anti Paparazzi Collection here.

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