Engineer Creates ‘A.I. Jesus’ Trained Only on King James Bible

An artificial intelligence engineer has created an intriguing algorithm that learned human language from reading “the bible and nothing else” and is now churning out ominous prophecies based on the Holy Book.

George Davila Durendal, a childhood coding prodigy and current AI engineer and entrepreneur, recently unveiled his wackies creation yet, an A.I. algorithm trained solely on the King James Bible and dubbed “AI Jesus”. Described by Durendal himself as an “A.I. clone of Jesus”, the software is a Boltzmannian natural-language processing model that “tries to replicate the style of the King James Bible without quite copying it”. Designed to write about 3 different topics – ‘The Plague’, ‘Caesar’ and ‘The End of Days’ – using the language of the Bible, AI Jesus has so far come up with some pretty scary, if somewhat nonsensical, prophecies…

Photo: pixel2013/Pixabay

“The Plague shall be the fathers in the world; and the same is my people, that he may be more abundant in the mouth of the LORD of hosts,” one of the phrases produced by AI Jesus reads.

“And he shall come against him, and said, As the LORD liveth, that he might be fulfilled which was spoken, he said, Thou are the spirit of your good works that ye have not seen, nor any thing of the service thereof, and a certain censer, and the sin offering, and the posts thereof were displeased with the dead of her father’s house,” another prophecy states.

Durendal himself admits that the above phrases are random and full of errors, but claims that it’s these imperfections that add to the artistic charm of AI Jesus’ prophecies. He adds that its newer writings are less random and less prone to errors, but they lack they the artistic flair and prophetic prose of the writing presented above. You can have a more interesting model that takes artistic liberties and produces some glitches. Or you can have more mundane, more technically proficient writing. But not both.”

Photo: Markus Winkler/Unsplash

AI Jesus has so far produced around 60,000 words, which George Davilla Durendal has shared on his GitHub page. It’s there that you can check its newer work on topics like ‘Blood,’ ‘Greeks,’ and ‘Wisdom.’

“Whether or not God created Man or Man created God might be a topic of eternal debate. But what surely cannot be debated is Man’s creation of A.I. Jesus. Perhaps many thousands of years from now people and robots alike will pour over these texts as they do holy books today,” Durrendal wrote in a blog post. At the very least its an interesting way to either awe or horrify your relatives this holiday season….”