Exhausted Burglar Falls Asleep on the Job

Russian media recently reported the comical case of a burglar who last week broke into an office building in the city of Orenburg and then fell asleep in an office chair.

The botched burglary took place on November 20th, when a 36-year-old man fraudulently entered a private office building on Sharlykskoye Road, in Orenburg, by squeezing through a small window on the third floor. He then used a variety of tools, like¬†screwdrivers, wire cutters, a hammer, a nail puller, and a bunch of keys, to break into several private company offices, looking for valuables. He had actually managed to find 140,000 rubles ($2,100) in cash, but instead of hurrying out of the building before being spotted, the mad decided to get a bit of rest and sat down in a leather chair. And that’s where police found him sleeping, several hours later.

Photo: Rosguard

According to Russian news agency RIA, the intruder was first spotted sleeping in one of the offices he had broken into by a security guard, while checking the surveillance cameras. Instead of confronting the man immediately, the guard contacted Rosguard (Russia National Guard) which immediately dispatch an intervention team. It’s unclear how long Rosguard took to reach the office building, but there was no hurry, as when they reached the burglar, he was still sound asleep in the leather chair, next to his bag of cash.

The 36-year-old man was handcuffed and later placed in police custody. He now faces serious jail time, as a background check revealed that he had previous convictions and was on the federal wanted list.

Photo: Rosguard

The moral of this story is, if you’re planning to carry out a burglary, maybe get some rest beforehand, as such operations seem to be exhausting.

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