Family Moves into Hotel Suite Permanently to Save Money

A Chinese family has sparked a debate on social media after moving into a luxury hotel suite permanently because it’s cheaper and more convenient than renting or owning a home.

The family of eight has been living in a luxury hotel in Nanyang, China’s Henan Province, for 229 days and has no plans to move out anytime soon. After getting a special rate (1,000 yuan or $140 per day) for a luxury suite with two bedrooms and a large living room based on the length of their stay, the family now plans to remain in the hotel indefinitely. Because the daily price of the suite also includes electricity, heating, water, and parking, the unnamed family claims that they actually save money by living in a hotel and their life is much more comfortable.

“We feel happy living here, so we plan to live in a hotel for the rest of our lives,” Mu Xue, a member of the family said in a viral video. “The room costs 1,000 yuan per day. Our family of eight lives very well. I never thought this way of living would help save money. I just feel that it makes everything convenient.”

According to a Star Video clip, Mu Xue’s family is in good financial standing, they own at least six properties, but they just prefer to live in a hotel. To prove that they have been living in the Nanyang Hotel for over 200 days, the family showed several deposits to the hotel for hundreds of thousands of yuan.

This story sparked a heated debate on Chinese social media. A lot of people declared themselves captivated by the family’s way of life, adding that they too would live in a hotel full-time if they could afford it, others wondered how comfortable a hotel suite actually was for a family of eight.


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