Farmer Moves to the Big City, Tries to Raise Cattle on Apartment Balcony

A Chinese farmer who had recently relocated from his rural home to an urban apartment building in Sichuan Province shocked his new neighbors when he started raising seven calves on his balcony.

Imagine living on the upper floors of an urban residential complex and waking up one morning to the mooing of bovines and the smell of manure. That was the shocking experience of hundreds of people in Sichuan Province who were shocked to find that a new neighbor had started raising cattle on his small 5th-floor apartment balcony. The man had recently relocated from a village and had brought seven bovine calves, weighing between 10 and 20 kilograms, with him to raise as pets. Annoyed by the constant mooing and foul smell of the young bovines, many of the residents called the authorities, and the animals were forcefully removed on the first day in their new home.

Videos of the calves on the balcony of the apartment building have been doing the rounds on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, and while most reactions have been humorous, some users pointed out that many of the residents of this particular apartment complex spent their whole lives in rural settings, so growing vegetables and raising animals is all they know.

“People there have spent their life living in the countryside, and were used to keeping poultry and planting vegetables in their yards,” one person commented.

Interestingly, back in January, some residents of the same apartment complex were complaining that many people were raising noisy chickens in their apartments, creating discomfort for their neighbors.


As for the farmer who brought his young cows with him to the big city, local news outlets report that he has put property management and security guards have been on high alert, as he has repeatedly attempted to sneak the cattle back into his 5th-floor apartment…

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