Floating Corpse in Rural Pond Turns Out to Be Napping Man

The residents of an Indian village recently called the police about a floating human body in their pond, but it turned out to be a man taking a nap and cooling off on a hot summer day.

To their credit, the people of Reddypuram Kovelakunta, a village in India’s Andhra Pradesh state, didn’t immediately panic and call the police when they noticed a motionless human body in their pond. They tried calling out to it when they first spotted it, around 7 AM, but they got no answer, and seeing as the body didn’t move until 12 PM, they finally decided to call the authorities. A police unit and emergency services rushed to the scene, where they indeed discovered a human body floating in the water. Only what looked like a corpse turned out to be an inebriated man napping in the water after a grueling 10-day work stint at a local quarry.

Photo: Pexels

A short clip posted online by investigative journalist Sudhakar Udumula shows one of the braver police officers walking in the water and pulling the body by an arm, only to have the floating man suddenly spring to life, surprised at all the attention. People around him can be heard bursting into laughter as the ‘dead man’ struggles to make sense of what is happening.

The ‘resurrected’ man told police that he had overindulged in a bit too much alcohol after 10 days of hard work in a nearby quarry, so he decided to go for a swim in the pond to cool off. Only he got tired pretty quickly and he nodded off in the water. He went into such a deep sleep that he never heard the people yelling at him from the water’s edge.

A similar video went viral a couple of years ago when a Bangkok man floating in a water canal was mistaken for a dead body. He only showed signs of life when someone jumped in the water and tried to grab his arm.

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